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Taking charge of

your future

Coaching programmes designed for those currently in a leadership role, as well as those looking to step up in their careers.

"Coaching provides a safe place for clients to identify what is and what is not working, try new behaviours and learn from their experiences."



Leaders are increasingly focused on figuring out their fundamental purpose – questions such as “Am I realising my full potential?”; “How can I be a more effective leader?”; “Is the work I'm doing consistent with my values?”; "Why are we not gelling as a leadership team?" are all too common.

This is where effective leadership coaching plays a role - to support you in finding out the answers for yourself through a process of self-directed learning. To support this journey through non-judgemental questioning, constructive challenge and encouragement. And to work with you to find your answers in a way that is congruent with your values and beliefs.

After all, the world shows up for each of us in very different ways, so what may feel right for one person will almost certainly not feel right for another - even if they find themselves in exactly the same situation.



Richard Spilg

My purpose is to support leaders in taking charge of their future and fulfilling their true potential - thereby enriching their own lives as well as the lives of those they influence. The value I add comes through the combination and practical application of my commercial, executive, international and coaching experiences

Business Experience​

My career in financial and professional services has included involvement with start-ups through to the management of complex, highly regulated, multi-jurisdictional businesses. My CEO and Board experiences in New Zealand, the UK, Australia and South Africa have given me a unique understanding of what it takes to adapt to new environments, engage across diverse cultures, and build sustainable businesses. In addition to my executive roles, I have been involved in voluntary coaching and mentoring programmes that have given me insight into the motivators of diverse groups of individuals and how to be an effective contributor to their successes. 

Coaching Experience​

My coaching experience, combined with my business experience, provides a sound theoretical and practical approach to supporting senior leaders who are under pressure to juggle priorities and deliver effective leadership in an increasingly complex environment .​ My work is typically with existing or aspiring leaders who have an identified challenge or development need, been recently promoted, taken on new responsibilities, or are contemplating career change. My work with leadership teams, whose performance is dependent on successfully combining different skills, experiences and personalities, is informed by the knowledge that organisations prosper when they are led by high-performing teams.​

About: Testimonials

I'm extremely grateful to Richard for his help during an unsettling period of unemployment. Richard helped me refocus my career and personal priorities by asking insightful questions and applying well tested structures. He opened up my blindspots and created strategies to address the next phase of my career. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard to anyone seeking guidance for professional or personal growth.

Senior Manager - Banking

Financial Services Leader

Investment Options

Investment Options

Leadership coaching and executive development programmes are developed in partnership with you to ensure that there is clarity and understanding of your situation and the opportunities it presents. Coaching programmes include:

  • 60-120 minute coaching sessions, either face-to-face or remote (number of sessions unlimited as required)

  • Email and phone support between sessions

  • Relevant reference materials

Objectives developed from an understanding of your situation are supplemented with additional input from your manager (if applicable), resulting in a set of objectives and desired outcomes that are agreed in advance. Every coaching programme employs an evidence-based methodology and feedback is structured in a way to ensure that the confidentiality of coaching is never compromised.
Coaching works because it involves self-directed learning. Programmes are designed to ensure sufficient time to effect sustainable change and to ultimately achieve congruence between your values, beliefs and goals.

4 month leadership coaching programme

Supports you in:

  • achieving your short to medium-term career priorities

  • aligning your values to your goals

  • developing your authentic leadership style

  • reflecting on your personal brand

  • providing a platform for future development and progression

6 month leadership coaching programme

Builds on the 4-month programme to support you in:

  • building your personal brand

  • developing leadership presence

  • developing insights into your social-emotional and cognitive skills

  • mapping out a longer-term career strategy

Bespoke coaching programmes

Programmes can be customised based on your particular needs. By way of example, leadership team coaching will typically require a customised approach, based on the level of inter-dependency of your team members and the objectives of your
corporate sponsor.

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